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Message from Our Chairman

“Achieving excellence through knowledge, skill and experience enables us to provide the ultimate in quality products and services.”

WORLD LAB USA is the US branch of the laboratory division of Tokushinkai Group, the largest dental organization in Japan.

Chairman Hirosh Matsumura

The history of Tokushinkai Group began in 1981 in a rural town of the Niigata Prefecture of Japan, with just one small dental clinic, consisting of only 3 operatories and 6 staff members. However, due to our passion for dentistry and our patients, we have grown to become a vast network of dental clinics, now serving over 800,000 patients a year. WORLD LAB, our dental laboratory division, was established to support our growing number of dental clinics, and Tokushinkai group has now grown to become one of Asia’s largest dental organizations.

Our goal is to create lasting partnerships and trusting relationships with our clients. You can always rely on our team to help you with any of your challenging cases.


We look forward to working with you.


Dr. Hiroshi Matsumura

Chairman of Dental Corporation Tokushinkai Group

About Tokushinkai Group

Tokushinkai Group is owned and operated by Dr. Hiroshi Matsumura, a leading dentist in the Japanese dental community. Tokushinkai Group was established in 1981 and has since become Japan’s largest dental provider, treating over 800,000 patients a year. With clinic and laboratory locations throughout Japan and overseas, Tokushinkai Group is comprised of a worldwide support system made up of over 1,000 employees, who receive constant training to increase their knowledge, skills, and sense of professionalism.

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