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Shipping Info

WORLD LAB USA provides a complimentary pick-up service for most of Orange County, CA via our on-staff driver. For all other locations in the contiguous United States, shipping is charged at $9.50 per invoice. For Hawaii and Alaska, shipping is charged at $16.50 per invoice.

Depending on the region that you are in, we request that you use FedEx, All Counties Courier (ACC) or our on-staff driver when shipping your cases to us. We will notify you of which carrier we recommend when you contact us regarding your initial case.

Check list for cases

  1. Impressions, Bite Registrations, Models.
  2. Lab Slip fully completed
  3. Place both in the box, seal box securely.
  4. Attach Mailing labels on top of the sealed box.
  5. Include images and shades where applicable or send email to worldlabpic@gmail.com

Tip – It’s a good idea to use foam or bubble wrap around the Impression and Models to prevent damage during shipping and handling. Your case is now ready to be shipped !!



For all states outside of California, plus select California cities

  1. A pre-printed shipping label will be sent to you when the case is ready.
  2. Fill in your information on label and place label on package.
  3. Call FedEx at 1-800-463-3339 for pick-up.

All Counties Courier (ACC)

For most Southern California, plus select Northern California cities

  1. Write our company’s ACC account number (which we will give you) on package. No shipping label necessary.
  2. Call ACC at 1-800-874-0687 for pick-up.

Our On-Staff Driver

Most of Orange County, CA

  1. Prepare package and call our driver at 1-949-293-0976 for pick-up.


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Dr. Alan Nguyen

Dr. William Capobianco

Dr. James Kahal

Dr. Kurt Schneider

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